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Howard you like these portraits?

Hi friends

JAM blog is welcoming a special visitor today - Howard Fonda!

Howard is going to share some thoughts on portraiture with us; welcome to JAM blog Howard, what's your take on portraiture?

"I often use a form of portraiture in my work. Portraiture is an artistic representation of a person that focuses on the face. It could be a drawing, a photograph, a painting or a sculpture. Almost anything can be made into a portrait!

Portraiture is one of the earliest forms of art. Most early representations were of rulers and super wealthy people. I think those are my least favorite. 

My favorite portraits depict real people that I admire or “typical”, everyday people from history that get overlooked. We tend to glorify “heroes”, but, I’ll let you in on a secret...we’re all hero’s! You. Your friends. Your parents. We all impact each other’s lives in ways we may not realize.

I like melding my imagination with historical fact to reimagine the depth and complexity of peoples lives through portraiture. Looking at portraiture is like being a detective. Sure, there is a person there that can be googled, but what are they wearing? Where are they? What time period is it? Who made it? Answers to these questions tell us about humanity and link the present with the past!

Way better than your average selfie."

Howard Fonda

Thanks Howard! You can see more portraits by Howard by clicking HERE


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